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The MAGICBLADE™-R is a new design that offers continuous double rotation on PAN/TILT axes. This unit offers 7 powerful in-line light sources together with highly acute beam angle allowing the creation of strong beam and light curtain effects.


Available to rig in a variety of positions and the individual control of the 7 RGBW LED sources allows for the creation of a multitude of new effects.

The LED Battern 2 is a slimline 1m long 18 x 12watt RGBW LED  Battern

X-BAR is a linear RGB tube which is ideal for linear color change and strip lighting applications. Just supply power and data or run off internal programs for simple but effective results.Available in different lengths in both RGB, warm white and cool white LED.

These are linear strips in 300mm, 600mm and 900mm lengths that can be used to provide "Sticks" of RGB colour changing and effects. Powered from a remote Chromazone feeding upto 12 fixtures  -  the Chromastrip is only 43mm diameter.

The Chroma-Q™ Color Block's™ modular design and comprehensive range of fixing options allows users to easily create a complete LED system using stock of just one generic fixture type - including battens, blinders and various mounting configurations using the built in fixing.

PixelLine 1044 is a RGB linear batten featuring 1044 high intensity LEDs. A lighting designer's favourite, the 1044 is ideal for touring, television and theatre applications. Creates stunning effects and offers exceptional colour clarity from its vast LED colour palette.

Chromabanks are ideal for television applications providing a distinctive light. Comprising 12 "units", these can be configured to run as one unit or individual cells. The fixture can be hung vertically or horizontally from trussing.

The P-5 is a high power IP65 rated RGBW Led Fixture - IP65 rated fixture - suitable for outdoor use. All with just 410W power consumption.



The Color Punch is extremely powerful for its size, providing lighting designers with a very punchy 1,250 lumens output in a compact fixture. Combined with its IP65 rated, tough machined aluminium and high impact plastic casing, this makes the Color Punch suitable for use on even the most demanding lighting applications.

The Stagebar 54S is a compact, powerful LED luminaire.
The Stagebar functions as a pixel bar for displaying imagery and video or as a wash luminaire for floodlighting surfaces and stages. The Stagebar 54 is extremely bright - bright enough to be matched with other light sources.

The Chromaflood 200 contains state of the art, high brightness , high efficiency Red, Green and Blue LED’s. These three colours can be mixed to create  an incredible palette of 16.7 million colours.

The Pixel Par is a par64 style fixture featuring 44 high intensity Cree LED’s in RGB.

The I-pix Satellite fixture is a 42 Watt RGB self contained LED wash light.  With power and data daisy chaining ability and potential to run up to 50 fixtures off a single 16a feed.

Housed in a PAR 36 sized fixture, 12 of which can be controlled from one Chromazone. This fixture comes with a gel frame. Fixture is suited to low powered applications working as "eye candy". Ideal for TV, stage and indoor architectural applications.


The Chromasphere is a 300mm diameter frosted polyethylene sphere that is internally illuminated with high power LED’s.