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About Us

Created specifically to cater for the exacting needs of the global entertainment industry, the Panalux Broadcast & Event service is unrivalled in its ability to provide creative solutions to the full spectrum of production types, regardless of size or genre.

Home to an extensive selection of modern lighting, rigging and control equipment, Panalux Broadcast & Event incorporates considerable stocks of the latest in automated luminaire technology, trussing systems and lighting desks. Our inventory also offers a myriad of innovative, bespoke production solutions including advanced lighting control systems and state of the art LED fixtures many of which have been designed and developed by our in-house engineering teams.

With experienced professionals operating throughout all aspects of our business, from comprehensive project management and support through to the reliable, efficient delivery of equipment, Panalux Broadcast & Event consistently meets and exceeds customer expectations across its entire service and product range.

Whatever the project, be it creating customised light fixtures for elaborate television productions, supplying infrastructure to complex movie sets or delivering power to live events, Panalux Broadcast & Event has the resources, knowledge and expertise to bring your ideas to life....