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Low Energy and LED

HiLo™ is a unique softsource fixture designed and built by Panalux as part of an exclusive range of low energy, creative lighting solutions developed specifically for the film and television industry.


The ARRI L-Series is an LED Fresnel fixture so close to its conventional counterpart in function and performance that it offers a like-for-like replacement of traditional Fresnels with LED-based units.


The Panalux TekTile®2 is a super efficient, slimline Bi-Colour LED illumination solution created by Panalux exclusively for the film, television industry and entertainment media industries.


Featuring instantly variable colour temperature from 3000k to 5800k with no shift in light output throughout the transition via an on board Tektile®2 controller or when used in conjunction with Panalux F-stop 8way Controller units

The Panalux LD:X90 LED Fresnel looks and feels just like a traditional compact fresnel fixture however, from within the designer housing the LD's optimised light source delivers flawless, controllable illumination with the full functionality of a conventional lamp, from a simple to use, self contained package.