Freddie Bonfanti

On the heels of London Fashion Week S/S 2020 we spoke with Freddie Bonfanti about what it takes to light a fashion show and what inspires his choices.

Tom Gates

As the series epic Game of Thrones comes to an end, Tom Gates talks about his experience being gaffer on the show since the very beginning and what it takes to light a month-long battle sequence.

Andy Cole

Irish born Gaffer Andy Cole talks about his experience working on the Oscar nominated “The Favourite“ and working with Panalux.

Tom Gates

Gaffer Tom Gates has been a mainstay on HBO mega hit "Game of Thrones" since season one. We chatted with him about what goes into lighting one of history's biggest TV dramas.

Scott Napier

Scottish Gaffer Scott Napier talks about his experience working on the set of hit series “Outlander”, some of the challenges he faced and how Panalux made things easier for him.

Andrew Taylor

Welsh Gaffer Andrew “Tala” Taylor recounts the peculiarities of filming “The Bastard Executioner” in Wales and how Panalux’s flexible and responsive service enabled him to succeed.

Paul Murphy

Jekyll & Hyde Gaffer Paul Murphy talks to us about the importance of quality customer service and dependability when it comes to his relationship with a lighting provider. Beyond availability of kit, Paul cites a willingness to provide honest support and communication as the overwhelming reason he has continued to work with Panalux.

2015 Welsh election coverage

Panalux’ proprietary LED lighting products stole the show at the 2015 Welsh election coverage. Find out how Lighting Director Andy Cottey and Gaffer Gafin Riley relied on the powerful, energy-saving combination of the Panalux HiLo™ and LD X90™

Kit Fraser

From his days as a student right through to the past 10 years of DoP Kit Fraser’s career, Panalux has delivered unprecedented support, service and access to equipment.

Ness Whyte

Director of Photography Vanessa “Ness” Whyte and Panalux join forces to design a new kind of light for a special project, resulting in one of Panalux’s most demanded LED products.

Bill Tracey

To accommodate the complicated task of filming in the vicinity of Manchester’s railways, experienced Gaffer Billy Tracey relied on Panalux equipment and flexible service.

Mark Gardiner

Gaffer Mark Gardiner credits Panalux Broadcast & Event for the biggest job of his career. Read on to find out how Mark and Panalux pulled out all the stops to light up a 100-acre forest for one of TV’s scariest reality gameshows.

PPP Films

When the writers and stars of the new series “The Roaring Twenties” suddenly needed to film their pilot, Panalux came to the rescue more than just lighting equipment.