The Panalux Equipment Commitment

Panalux is home to one of the worlds the largest inventories of modern lighting equipment.

Every year Panalux makes multi million pound investments in the procurement, design, development and manufacture of a diverse range of lighting products and associated equipment created specifically for the film and television industry.

With a proven track record in the delivery and support of comprehensive lighting installations Panalux has the ability to commit complete equipment packages to multiple long running productions without impacting negatively on any aspect of its service.

Huge investment in new technology and innovative lighting solutions has made Panalux a key driver in the evolution of entertainment lighting products and services and wherever appropriate, the company has the necessary resources to make significant investment in equipment pertinent to a specific production or even to design and manufacture products for an individual project.

As a powerful investor in environmentally friendly products Panalux has instigated significant industry changes through its activities in this area. Through the introduction of its own eco-friendly solutions and by supporting organisations dedicated to research and development of 'green' products, Panalux remains a market leader in the application of innovative, environmentally sound equipment and initiatives.

Significant investment in power efficient and low energy lighting technology, including: LED products, fluorescent fittings and highly efficient ballast and distribution systems, has resulted in the introduction of a variety of ecologically sound products to the Panalux inventory.

By fully supporting the introduction of such technology and, where suitable, offering eco-friendly alternatives to conventional lighting solutions Panalux can help make considerable reductions in the overall CO2 emissions of a production as well as offering potential cost savings.

The Panalux product range is constantly evolving to incorporate the latest innovations and developments in Entertainment Technology.