The AmphiTubeX1™ is an amphibious portable lighting system which is low voltage (SELV), instrinsically safe and streamlined in its design. Containing high power LEDs, the tubes are specially sealed for use underwater, tested to 30 metres, and feature a convection cooling system which allow them to be used wet or dry at full power. With numerous mounting options, the AmphiTubeX1™ is a versatile and innovative lighting system.

Along with a colour temperature variable between 2800K and 6200K and separate colour and intensity control for each tube, the AmphiTubeX1™ has a waterproof single-cable power and digital feed which can run from either battery or mains supplies, and has DMX or local control.

Detachable diffusion panels also come standard with the AmphiTubeX1™ which provide further custom options and intensity control.

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