The Broncolor FT System is a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use continuous lighting system great for both still photography and moving image, delivering a top-range lighting system with superior light output and maximum flexibility.

Available as a 2K tungsten or 1.6w HMI source, the FT System includes four different sizes of Parabolic reflectors – 88cm, 133cm, 177cm and 222cm. The HMI unit operates from a high-speed ballast and delivers 1600w of light dimmable by 50%.

All size and output variations of the FT System have been developed to consist of the same components for quick, simple set up and adjustment. Reflectors can be unfolded first, independently of everything else; rod, lamp and power mounting and set up takes just a couple movements.

Each reflector comes with two silks and an optional grid available in all sizes.

Broncolor 2K tungsten reflector kits
  • Broncolor 88 HR FT 2K tungsten
  • Broncolor 133 HR FT 2K tungsten
  • Broncolor 177 FT 2K tungsten
  • Broncolor 222 FT 2K tungsten

Broncolor 1600 HMI reflector kits
  • Broncolor 88 HR FT 1600 HMI
  • Broncolor 133 HR FT 1600 HMI
  • Broncolor 177 FT 1600 HMI
  • Broncolor 222 FT 1600 HMI

The Broncolor FT System available from Panalux