Panalux HighLite 220

The HighLite 220 is a versatile, general purpose lamphead which features 4 x 55W lamps mounted in an adjustable housing allowing full pan and tilt of the fixture.

Ideal for use in small, medium or large studio environments, the HighLite 220 is perfect for illuminating large backgrounds where an even, balanced light source is required. Suitable for use in film, television, video or stills/digital shoots the HighLite 220 offers flicker free operation via a high frequency electronic ballast which delivers an 85kHz output capable of illuminating the most complex high speed photographic assignments.

Utilising energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps the operating temperatures of these lampheads are considerably lower that of their tungsten counterparts, whilst the low energy consumption can result in reduced running costs of up to 90%.

The metal lamphead housing is designed to accept a colour frame, intensifier or honeycomb grid and lamps are dimmable both locally or remotely via DMX to allow even greater flexibility from a single unit.


  • Specification

  • Weight : 5kg 11lb 1oz
    Spigot adaptor. Mounts on to 16mm spigot 5∕8” spigot
  • Accessories:
  • Beam Angle:
  • Power Requirement; 1.5A, 200-260VAC
  • Lamp type:
  • Compact Fluorescent 55W/3200K
  • Compact Fluorescent 55W/5500K