Panalux vizilink

The VIZILINK System is a fully integrated suite of bespoke products and software applications developed by Panalux specifically for use within the Film, Television and Broadcast Event industries

Created by Panalux, a leading supplier of professional film and television facilities, Vizilink allows precise, creative command over complete production installations from a single 'base station' or via a range of unique hand held remote devices. Delivering real time control of live effects and lighting sequences, Vizilink stores each performance in an internal memory allowing instant set-up and playback for multiple takes or re-shoots.

Flightcased into a single portable unit, the system can be easily configured ready for use in less than 15 minutes and requires just one operator. Optimal operational flexibility is provided via a family of remote controllers utilising robust UHF frequencies, free from interference or network clashes, to deliver instant, live access to channels.

Built around a central operating console featuring three built in touch screen LCD panels, Vizilink keeps users fully informed through detailed analysis provided by way of industry standard WYSIWYG software, graphical interpretations of the lighting installation, plus a live video assist transmission to allow accurate on screen visualisation.

To offer further versatility along with added peace of mind, Vizilink maintains comprehensive digital records of all scenes, creating accurate 3D plots for quick and easy access where an installation must be recreated, analysis in a digital environment such as post production is required or when detailed printed plans are needed.

Available exclusively through Panalux, Vizilink is a total production solution for cameramen, lighting directors, gaffers and operators who require the ultimate control solution from concept to completion.



  • Gaffers Radio Playback Remote

    Programmers Wireless Tablet PC

    Riggers Wireless Remote

    12 DMX universes (6144 dimmer channels)

    Removable ArtNet node

    3D CAD Visualizer

    Video assist input with scene and slate no. frame grab

    Remote Trigger input (practical's - light switches)

    Full tracking backup via onboard PC

    3 Synchronized Hard drives for backup

    A3 printing for rigging plot­s

    19" touch screens for fast access

    SMTPE Time code input

    202 Playbacks - 46 faders

    Built in media server

    Large grid mapping for space lights and lamp matrices