An advancement in spring ball lighting technology, the new Panalux light features an LED core, wireless control, battery power options, and dimmable bi-colour output

Panalux, a leading provider of lighting rental equipment for film, television and media production, today announce the release of the new Panalux LED Spring Ball, a multi-purpose, battery-powered soft light for use on set as a flexible source for practical or generic lighting.

The Panalux LED Spring Ball was developed by the Panalux Product Development team and is the next generation in spring ball lighting technology. A versatile LED core replaces heat-producing bulbs used in traditional spring balls, allowing for fully dimmable, colour consistent daylight or Tungsten output. Paired with Panalux flicker-free F-Stop technology and a wireless DMX control system, the Panalux LED Spring Ball can be powered by either mains or batteries and is fully portable for maximum creativity.

“This light takes the spring ball to another level,” confirms Gaffer Paul Murphy, who has used two units on his current project My Cousin Rachel for Fox Searchlight. “The heat from the traditional spring ball we had previously been using generated a lot of wastage in terms of gels. The Panalux LED Spring Ball is a lot simpler to use and the LED core can be both a soft light or you can increase the dimmer and it becomes a punchy source. The speed of operating it is really quick, and it’s just all around a good piece of equipment to work with!”

Great for small and enclosed sets as well as remote locations with limited power supply, the wireless Panalux LED Spring Ball eliminates two significant constraints to traditional spring ball lights: heat emission and cables.

“This light is a direct response to client necessity. Our initial brief was a spring ball with no wires or cables and with LED panels,” explains Chris Millard, Panalux Group Technical Director. “Immediately, we got loads of feedback from Gaffers. The real driver for this product is that it is completely wireless – no mains and no control wires. Having access to such a wide range of expertise within Panalux uniquely places us to fulfil client needs like this.”

Having used two Panalux LED Spring Ball units nearly every day on set for day interiors, Paul Murphy agrees that the handheld dimmer is a game-changing feature, improving ease of operation. Additionally, the unit is light enough to clip into a normal house light fitting, stand or range of mountings.

Additional Panalux LED Spring Ball features:

  • Colour temperature from 3200K to 5900K with no shift in output
  • Wireless control
  • Batteries or mains
  • Panalux F-Stop flicker-free technology
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