Dredd 3D

Project details

Production Company: DNA Films
Director: Pete Travis
Cinematographer: Anthony Dod Mantle
Gaffer: Thomas Neivelt


Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, Jason Cope, Rakie Ayola

Project info

Directed by Pete Travis the new DNA Films movie Dredd 3D reintroduces the futuristic one man justice department to a new generation of sci-fi fans.

Shot around South Africa, Panalux were on board with Award winning Director of Photography, Anthony Dod Mantle and Gaffer Thomas Neivelt as they created their view of life and the law in the sprawling metropolis Mega City One.

Having opened to huge acclaim, Dredd 3D has already proved a box office favourite with fans of both the new franchise and the original Dredd comic series.