Panalux in-house Product Development team continues to lead the industry in the development of proprietary lighting products specifically designed for film, television and broadcast. 

Panalux, a leading provider of lighting rental equipment for film, television and media production, is proud to announce the release of the Panalux LED Flex Light, a malleable, super lightweight panel that sets a new industry standard for innovative LED lighting.

Developed by the in-house Panalux Product Development department, the new light measures just 6mm wide and was specifically developed for use on ultra-tight film and television sets where traditional lighting and power sources do not fit. The LED Flex Light is immediately available in the 3x2ft size (800x500mm light panelling), adapted to perfectly fit a 3x2ft flag frame. A larger 4x4ft size will be released later this year. 

Lighting Gaffer Carolina Schmidtholstein put the light to use on the set of the feature film “Tripped”, attesting to not only the light weight and ease-of-use but also to the power and lighting consistency of the LED Flex Light. 

“The colour quality impressed me, especially the Tungsten setting, which felt like a nice, warm glow,” Schmidtholstein said.“We liked the slim depth of the LED Flex Light. The 3x2ft size is a nice, big surface light; and being so lightweight made it a great handheld light.

While filming, Schmidtholstein also found that she could seamlessly increase the surface area of the LED Flex Light by simply placing a 4x4ft frame in front of it, creating an easy-to-carry shoulder rig. Where a flag stand is less appropriate, eyelets on all sides as well as Velcro backing allow the light to be easily hung or secured.

Weighing only 2kg, this light can be powered by either mains or batteries, making it an ideal portable lighting solution. Colour temperature is adjustable from 3000K to 5800K with excellent, even colour rendition over the entire panel. Constructed with a series of bi-colour LED light strips, the LED Flex Light is bendable to fit in corners and around edges.

Boasting tremendous, uniform power, the LED Flex Light is fully dimmable and includes an F-Stop driver, Panalux’s own leading flicker-free LED technology. A built in remote controller used in conjunction with Panalux wireless DMX controllers provides added flexibility and convenience. 

“We are very proud of this new light – as we are with all of our proprietary products – and know that its uses are nearly limitless,” says Chris Millard, Panalux Group Technical Director. “What started out as a favour for a Gaffer developed into an incredibly versatile and impressive product that really highlights the Panalux Product Development team’s ability to push the envelope of LED lighting.”

To view a demo of the Panalux LED Flex Light, visit Visit to learn more about other proprietary Panalux products.