British Heart Foundation – Mending Broken Hearts

Project info

Panalux worked with Photographer Zac Macaulay and Gaffer Neil Blackman on “Mending Broken Hearts”, a new high profile campaign for The British Heart Foundation aimed at raising awareness of Heart Failure in the UK.

Shot at Action Underwater Studios, the project set the challenge of completely submerging, lighting then photographing a man struggling to breathe as he lies in bed.

To achieve the desired look, Zac sunk a bed into a tank of water, carefully weighing down the artist and the bedclothes in the process and supplying air just off camera in between takes.

Panalux supplied a range of specialist underwater equipment including daylight PARs and 4ft fluorescents which Zac and Neil positioned to illuminate the set from below the water creating a ‘cold’ underwater feel. A number of conventional fixtures were then sited above the tank to complete the overall look.

Watch the result here