Head Over Heels

Project details

Writer/Director: Timothy Reckart
Producer: Fodhla Cronnin O’Reilly
Cinematographer: Chloe Thomson
Production Designer: Eleonore Cremonese
Cast: Nigel Anthony and Rayyah McCaul

Project info

Written and directed by Timothy Reckart at the National Film and Television School, HEAD OVER HEELS is a heartwarming stop motion animated short made by a team of eleven students over the course of 15 months. Panalux are proud to have supported cinematographer Chloe Thomson during the making of this film.

Walter and Madge are an old married couple who’ve grown apart after many years. She lives on the ceiling and he lives on the floor. They live separate lives. However, when Walter tries to reawaken their old romance, it brings their equilibrium crashing down, and unable to agree which way is up the couple must find a way to overcome their gravitational difference.

After winning prizes at many international film festivals, Head Over Heels has been nominated for Best Animated Short at the 85th Academy Awards which take place on Saturday 24th February.

You can see the trailer above and click the link below to vist the website for this beautifully crafted film.