An Ode To Hill and Adamson

Project details

A Film by Jack Cole and Maisie Broadhead
Produced by Cap Gun Collective
Edited by James Norris at Whitehouse London
VFX by Carbon VFX

Project info

Panalux was proud to support filmmaker Jack Cole, and creator of photographic parodies Maisie Broadhead, when they collaborated on 'An Ode to Hill and Adamson'.

Their latest piece of work has been exhibited as part of the “Seduced by Art, Photography Past & Present” exhibition at the National Gallery. Jack and Maisie created a video to be shown alongside the 1844 photographic print by Hill and Adamson that it references. Filmed in both real time and long exposure time-lapse, the duo have re-created the period image in extraordinary detail. The film has been screened continuously on a loop at the National Gallery and has also been shown on Channel 4’s Random Acts.

Watch the film above and see an empty room gradually transformed into a very realistic Hall & Adamson photograph.