Panalux HiLo Softsource

HiLo is a unique softsource fixture designed and built by Panalux as part of an exclusive range of low energy, creative lighting solutions developed specifically for the film and television industry.

Producing a soft, diffused, uniform light with a single shadow, Hilo is perfect for large scale spacelight installations or as a stand alone controllable softlight - easily outperforming more traditional products.

With local control or remote operation via DMX, output intensity is easily managed, evenly from 0-100% with colour temperature governed progressively between 3000 and 6000K, HiLo combines flexibile operation with energy efficient cost savings of up to 90%.

HiLo - Created by and available exclusively from Panalux.

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High performance softlight source

Robust design

Multiple mounting options

Fully dimmable with no shift in correlated colour temperature

Local control or DMX options