Prometheus 2012



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Project details

´╗┐Production Company: Fox UK Productions Ltd
Producer: Mary Richards
Director: Ridley Scott
Cameraman: Dariusz Wolski
Gaffer: Perry Evans
Location: Pinewood Studios and Iceland Locations
Dates: March 2011 - July 2011

Project info

´╗┐Occupying seven stages at Pinewood Studios, Prometheus has required meticulous planning and detailed logistical consideration to ensure the systematic delivery of lighting equipment to multiple studio installations as well as a diverse selection of international locations.

As the largest ever UK production to be lit almost exclusively using LED technology, this project has required huge investment by Panalux into the development and manufacture of a range of LED products, plus the creation of the necessary back up components required to effectively and safely utilise this new technology.

Over 320 LED fixtures have been designed and built by Panalux and integrated by the company to operate in conjunction with a range of Panalux LED moving lights.

Working closely with Production to realise the creative vision of Director, Ridley Scott and acclaimed cinematographer, Dariusz Wolski, Panalux has built a range of revolutionary LED 'light squares', less than 50cm in depth yet capable of delivering exceptional light levels whilst generating almost no heat.

The extensive introduction and use of LED technology on Prometheus has seen power consumption reduced to just 10Kw for a single set.

This technically demanding production, requires in excess of 6500 channels of lighting control per stage, all accurately managed using the Panalux Vizilink System. This advanced lighting control package allows the user to remain in full control of vast installations and with the newly introduced feature of being iPad compatible the system now allows even greater flexibility.

No other company has the depth of knowledge, existing infrastructure or necessary resources to make such considerable investments or to commit to the development of new technology, specifically to cater to the needs of a single production.


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