Same quality. New size

Panalux Sonara range of LED soft lights has expanded to include the 3:2 form factor. Precision colour control, full dimming from 1-100%, and flicker-free performance in 4:4 and 3:2.

Environmentally conscious. Rugged design. Portable power.

Panalux Power offers a new lithium-ion battery array solution to on-set power needs.

The Nevers

A Touch of Power Can Change the World - What happens when a group of Victorian women suddenly have magic at their fingertips? You’ll have to wait and see.

A murder in the past. A mystery in the future.

From Edgar Wright, this psychological thriller promises twists and turns 50 years in the making.

h40 Hybrid Generator

The h40 hybrid generator provides the same reliability and service while running silently and with substantially reduced carbon and nitrogen emissions.

The Crown

"Change Will Challenge Tradition" - Prepare to see the tumultuous world of power and privilege behind the locked doors of Westimister and Buckingham Palace in season 4 of this seminal Netflix hit.


"Time Runs Out" – In this reality bending, epic sci-fi adventure from Christopher Nolan.

Raised by Wolves

"Life Begins Again" - From executive producer Ridley Scott comes a dystopian tale of religious fanatacism and the survival of the human race.

His Dark Materials

"New Worlds Await" - In the thrilling second series of this acclaimed adaptation of one of the greatest works of fiction of the 20th Century.

Gangs of London

"Some Say it's Brutal" - Dive into the seedy underworld of organised crime in London in this sharp, gritty Sky Atlantic Original.

Peaky Blinders

"The Streets Are Theirs" - The Shelby family continue the expansion of their criminal empire in the latest season of this gripping crime drama from the BBC.

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Panalux offers the world of film, television and media production the very best in lighting rental equipment and associated facilities.


Created specifically to cater to the exacting needs of the global entertainment industry, the Panalux service is unrivalled in its ability to provide creative solutions to the full spectrum of production types, regardless of size or genre.


Experience and innovation plus an extensive inventory of modern equipment fully supported by a team of highly skilled professionals sets Panalux apart from the competition. Utilising these extensive resources, clients continually entrust us to deliver practical, effective lighting systems to projects throughout the world.


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Panalux Sonara 4:4

"The Crown"



"Raised By Wolves"

"His Dark Materials"

"The Gentlemen"

"Gangs Of London"

"Peaky Blinders"



h40 Hybrid Generator

“Two houses, two courts, one crown.”

“Get Triggered” – Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson team up to create an unforgettable duo in this comedic thriller.

"Game of Thrones"



"Star Trek Beyond"



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