Available through Panalux, the LRX robotic lighting system is a remotely-controlled trolley and matching lighting heads that allow for greater on-set lighting flexibility and convenience, and are now a staple on large-scale sets.

Panalux, a leading provider of lighting rental equipment for film, television, and media production, are now the exclusive providers of the LRX robotic lighting system throughout Europe and Africa. The unique trolley system paired with LRX light fixtures allow for full remote control of light output and movement.

Operated via handheld controller or DMX desk, these weatherproof LRX light heads – designed to withstand wind and rain – can be pivoted in a range of angles. In addition to pan, tilt and rotating options, the LRX trolley system adds another dimension of tractability, seamlessly and smoothly moving heads along the length of an I-beam.

Panalux recently supplied four 23.4K tungsten LRX Scorpion heads and seven 18K daylight/tungsten LRX Single Par heads to the Tenerife leg of ‘Jason Bourne’, the latest instalment in Universal Studios’ Bourne film series. The film’s Best Boy Martin Taylor and Rigging Gaffer Sam Kite both cited operator safety as one of the most significant advantages to the LRX robotic lighting system.

“If we didn’t have these LRX lights, we would have had to have someone up in a cherry picker continually adjusting the beam positions,” Martin explains. “In terms of health and safety, the fact that these ones move by remote or desk is a big advantage.”

According to Sam, the ease with which his team was able to rig and switch out the LRX Scorpion and Single heads was a game changer. “They are so easy to move, so user friendly – you just unplug and move. We didn’t have a single problem with any of the bulbs. They are just good, easy lights with a really convenient motor system. They did exactly what we wanted them to do.”

Product features

The weatherproof robotic LRX Single Par fixture features four bulb choices (6K, 12K,18K, HMI or 12K tungsten bulbs), integrated gel holders, DMX hardwire remote control, and optional condor mounting and cable management systems exclusive to LRX. Click for more information

The LRX Scorpion fixture with integrated gel frame holder is a 23.4K tungsten light head featuring 36 650-watt DWE bulbs, and is wired to accept three 19-pin Socapex cables (two lamps per circuit). Robotic capabilities are built into this head; no motors or adapters are required. The flat Scorpion fixture can pan 340 degrees and tilt from 0 to -120 degrees, and is operated via DMX desk or hand controller (hand-held controller can operate up to 32 fixtures). Click for more information

According to Panalux Group Technical Director Chris Millard, being able to offer clients the LRX robotic lighting system throughout the geographies that Panalux service is an enormous boost. “We are thrilled to be partnering with LRX out of North America to provide our clients this lighting system, which has become something of a must-have on large-scale film, television and even commercial sets. Our long-time clients tell us that the flexibility and capability of having so many control options literally in their hands has become a new industry standard. Beyond that, these lights are extremely easy to rig and use – we have had a lot of demand for them, which we expect to continue to grow.”

To view a demo of the LRX robotic lighting system, visit For more information, please click on LRX Robotic Lighting System Data Sheet